Daily Sketches (Week 2 Roundup)

Week 2 of our Summer of Sketching has come and gone. Here’s a quick recap on how this week’s doodles went down.

Week 2:


Day 8: A whole day of driving Sean around while his Jeep was getting the fixed was clearly the inspiration for today. Sean (left) drew Stef an award for being the Best Girlfriend Ever (with a muffin for a head), while Stef (right) drew Sean dreaming of happier times with a new Jeep that actually runs! His Jeep has since made a full recovery for those who are wondering.


Day 9: Sean draws a character and logo from a favorite video game of his that involves Nesting Dolls, while Stef hopes that a tea party will soon be in her future.


Day 10: Stef is looking to set sail on the open sea, while Sean tries out some hand lettering with a lyric from one of his favorite songs by the indie rap band why? (that’s the name of the band).


Day 11: Sketch a day? Why not Zoidberg? Meanwhile Stef does some extraordinary hand lettering and flowers.


Day 12: More hand lettering today from Sean, who brings a favorite Nickel Creek lyric of his to life, while Stef screams for ice cream with a gorgeous ice cream cone illustration.


Day 13: Sean, who had been in upstate NY visiting his parents, came back home today and draws his 4 hour trek home. On the right, Stef goes to Gotham and takes in the scenery from the Starkid’s Batman parody, Holy Musical B@man!


Day 14: **Theme** Zentangles! Both of us take a different take on the usual zentangle. Sean doodles the rays of the sun, while Stef draws a lovely heart.

Another week in the books. I think that we’re only going to get better as we go along, and I can’t wait to see what Week 3 brings us.




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